Apart from laboratory tests, the certification systems for thermostatic radiator valves, radiators and individual zone controllers also include monitoring the quality of the manufacturing processes.

Our range of services also includes the auditing of manufacturing processes for these certification systems.

Our inspectors have many years of experience. The inspectors of the various institutions involved in the respective certification systems meet regularly to enable an exchange of experience and thus to ensure a high quality and comparability of the inspections.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

For the CEN certification of thermostatic radiator valves to obtain the KEYMARK mark, manufacturers select one of the authorised certification bodies, which is then responsible for the certification of the products as well as the inspection of the manufacturing processes in all manufacturing plants of the respective manufacturer. WSPLab has been approved by the DIN CERTCO certification association for the production inspection of thermostatic radiator valves.

The manufacturing processes are monitored annually. During the inspection, the inspector takes samples of the thermostatic radiator valves for pending retests or control tests.


The various European certification systems for radiators include monitoring the quality of manufacturing processes. The assessment of the processes ensures not only a high quality of the radiators, but also that the determined performance values can be transferred to all identical radiators of the same series.

A European agreement between the certification bodies, RADMAC (RADiators Mutual Acceptance of Certification), stipulates that the audit can be carried out by one inspector for all the quality marks the manufacturer has applied for in order to minimise costs for the manufacturers.

The WSPLab inspectors have been approved by WSPCert and carry out inspections for the RAL Gütegemeinschaft Heizkörper aus Stahl (German Quality Assurance Association for Steel Radiators) within the framework of the RADMAC agreement. The audit is carried out once a year.

The inspector takes samples of the radiators during the inspection for pending retests or control tests for the marks of all certification systems the manufacturer has applied for.

Individual Zone Controllers

The European Building Automation Controls Association eu.bac has established a certification system for individual zone controllers. The awarded eu.bac Cert mark reflects the energy efficiency and quality of the products. The certification system includes the inspection of the manufacturing site as well as quality control of the manufacturing processes. Two accredited certification bodies, CSTB and WSPCert, have been commissioned to carry out the certifications. The WSPLab inspectors have been approved by WSPCert for the assessment of manufacturing sites, and they carry out the certification procedures supervised by WSPCert. Monitoring shall take place every 3 years.