Ceiling Mounted Radiant Panels

We test ceiling mounted radiant panels in our closed test booths according to EN 14037-2. These tests have been approved by DIN CERTCO. The European Regulation 305/2011 requires that all ceiling mounted radiant panels installed in the territory of the EU have a CE marking, which includes a test of the thermal output in a notified laboratory. We have been accredited to test ceiling mounted radiant ceiling panels by the DIBt.

The tests include: 

  •    Characteristic curve and standard total thermal output of the tested panel
  •    Characteristic curve and standard thermal output of the effective length of the radiant panel
  •    Characteristic curve and standard thermal output of the connecting components
  •    Standard module thermal output
  •    Rated thermal output according to EN 14037-3

The tests are carried out in our test booths according to EN 442-2 (radiators).

Since systems with ceiling mounted radiant panels can also be used for room cooling, the cooling capacity can be determined in accordance with the specifications of EN 14037-4. The test according to this standard requires a heat output measurement of the model according to EN 14037-2.

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